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Hot or Not? January 29th

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  • Hot or Not? January 29th


    Michael Kelly Valor Custom

    "New and

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    I played with a total a$$ for several years and he loved this shape of guitar. Once I wash away the negative mojo from that dude I might be able to appreciate....funny, everything he played...telecaster, strat, les paul, 335, or PRS, it sounded like a dang banjo.

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      Mmmm. Not. A little to flamey, especially with the matching headstock. I think in trying to look expensive, it ends up looking cheap.


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        A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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        Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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        • Tone Deaf
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        I'll pass...too much flame...

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        • w00dsy
          w00dsy commented
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          i like the brown Valors, not so much that color. I almost bought one but trying to play past the 17th fret is almost impossible. 

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        The pic and flame and all look "photoshopped" and not in a nice way. I must say lookwise that guitar doesn't do it for me at all. Something looks kinda wrong with the balance of shape, horns, whatever. Can't put my finger on it. In a word (or two), not hot.
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            I really like playing Valors but not looking at Valor Customs.
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            • gardo
              gardo commented
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              Maybe if I was Rambo

          • #9

            screaming cool! ..though I'd like to see a Gibson LP with that color and a more natural flame look, that would rock