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Fender 60th Anniversary Empress Telecaster $999 seems like a good price

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  • Fender 60th Anniversary Empress Telecaster $999 seems like a good price

    This fender telecaster in white look hot and the price look as hot for $999

    I would buy one but I already have too many guitars,but then again the day is not over yet...........JT


    http://www.samash.com/p/Fender_60th%20Anniversary%20Empress%20Telecaster%2 0Electric%20Guitar%20with%20Hardshell%20Case_15653 21

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    I wouldn't pay a dime over $691 for that, no way!

    One MIA Fender Strat, one Gibson Les Paul, one Martin Acoustic, what more do you need?



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      Knowing billy won't pay over $691, neither will I.
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        billybilly wrote:

        I wouldn't pay a dime over $691 for that, no way!


        reverberlayed wrote:
        Knowing billy won't pay over $691, neither will I.

          thu  thu

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      Seems like a lot of money for a paulownia body.
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