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Is this a nitro or poly finish?


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  • Is this a nitro or poly finish?

    79-80 Epiphone Genesis. Looks like the finish on the 70s/80s Gibsons I owned but I can't find anything online about the finish on these and the Gibson rep was zero help. First three pics in the link.

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    I'm no expert but I'm going to say poly juding by those chips in the finish.  In my experience with my guitars, the poly one's chip like that.  When nitro chips their tends to be cracking around the chip as well.   Also the look of it too.  The wear of it looks more like poly to me than nitro.

    If you really want to know though, you'll have to do an acetone test.   Acetone will disolve nitro lacquer. 


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      could be nitro


      this is nitro that chipped away (there is poly underneath the nitro). if its thick enough it doesnt wear nicely. also the acetone test doesnt work that great. I tried it on my gibson which is super thin nitro and nothing happened.


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    Probably poly. A 33 year old nitro finish on a guitar that