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Interesting Tuning of 12 String Guitar

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  • Interesting Tuning of 12 String Guitar

    "In many ways, most people’s happiness, peace and love are mortgaged to the external situation. So, if the stock market goes up you are happy, if the stock market goes down you are unhappy. But the quality of life is not about what is around you. Our ability to live joyfully here does not depend on the size of the house we live in or the car that we drive. These things make your life comfortable and convenient but the essential quality of your life is how you are within yourself right now."

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    I've always wanted to tune one in 5ths.
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      Sometimes i think im not so good then i hear something like this and i feel like a musical genius. Even when i try and do something odd and atonal i think it still comes out better.
      I thought the 12 string idea was cool till i heard it.