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I can't hear myself on stage.


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  • I can't hear myself on stage.

    I play in church. I stand about two feet in front of my amp. I can't hear it from there. It is louder if I am further away from it, but I can't stand further away during the service. When I turn up where I can actually hear myself, the sound guy says it is too loud. When I turn down and then ask him to turn me up in my monitor, he says it is maxed already. I already have the amp tilted back. I may try an amp stand or turn the amp backwards toward the wall. Question: Are different speakers designed so that they can be heard from different distances? I was at a friend's birthday party a few years back. The band there had two guitarists. Each had a Marshall amp. But they were two different types of Marshalls. I could only hear one of them when I was in the audience. But when I was invited on stage to play a song(on the amp I couldn't hear), I could actually hear that amp quite well, but couldn't hear the other one at all. I mentioned it to the guitarist whose amp I played on and he said, "Yeah, it's those greenbacks." I appreciate any input in helping me solve my problem. Thanks!

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    You need a different(better) soundman, if you can find one. Few seem to know how to send guitar through the monitors. The problem may be that monitor speakers are not like guitar speakers. PS- our band never solved that problem either.


    • FormerlyBassred
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      Yeah, if the sound guy says you are cranked in the monitors and you cannot hear it, then get a new sound guy...

      Try an amp stand. Getting the amp up and angled will be the only way to get the sound to your ears (and not your knees/butt) without turning up too loud.

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    I like to use a keyboard stand like this.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/on-stage-stands-pro-platform-keyboard-stand. I also use the amp as a side fill rather than have it behind me.


    • Grantus
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      Sounds like there's a lot of stage noise from other band members. The monitors should never be maxxed.

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    do you have it pointed at your ears or your calves?
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