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  • Hot or Not? HeliArc Guitars

    HeliArc Guitars is a manufacturer of high quality handcrafted guitars. Our guitars came about from a fusion of high tech manufacturing and multi-platinum artists and musicians. Developed with the player in mind, HeliArc Guitar uses aircraft grade aluminum paired with the finest parts in the industry to develope the tone and sustain professionals demand. The reason behind our passion for high quality handcrafted manufacturing and attention to detail in each guitar is so that each of our customers will feel that their HeliArc guitar was custom built just for them.

    The B-52 has a pair of Lace Alumitone pickups allowing a player to produce a wide range of acoustic tones
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      No warm and fuzzy feelings here.
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        Ugly as hell


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          artistic but looks uncomfortable to play.


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            looks like a really nice toilet seat.

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                I would go for it if I thought that its unique construction would actually translate into a unique and desirable tone, but I truly doubt that a trapeze bridge, a hollow metal body, and an Alumitone is going to result in anything I would like.


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                  It looks Devine....


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                    I'd have to try one out. The design doesn't do much for me but if it plays really well, I'd change my mind.
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                      I'm generaly pretty open-minded about new designs

                      but . . . seriously ?
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                        Might fry an egg on one of those.
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                            It wouldn't look so bad if they hadn't added those little f-holes.


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                              looks like an artsy ashtray