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January Spam Thread! You just missed the Apocalypse! Sweet! Happy New Used Gear!

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  • My site is finally live! Click on the logo in my sig.

    Forum members get free shipping ANYWHERE with this code: "freeship" (no quotation marks) until Feb 1st, 2013.  




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    • Line 6 FBV Shortboard. In original box, used 3 times. $90 Shipped.

      Too little time to play lately.


      • sold!



        • 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom. This is a Norlin era Gibson and has a three piece maple neck, and a solid mahogany body (no pancakes in '81). It weighs 10 lbs 1 oz on my digital postal scale, which is pretty light for a custom of this era.

          Guitar has been played a lot over the years and has the wear and tear to prove it. It's got dings, scrapes, scratches, chipping, and buckle rash. However, its never been broken or repaired or had any significant damage, its all just cosmetic wear. The maple necks on these are as sturdy as it gets, and they stay straight.

          In 2005 it was refretted by Michael Tuttle at www.bestfrets.com and he does phenomenal work. The frets are 6150 stainless steel. They are extremely smooth and slick to play on and they'll never wear out. They still look like the day they were installed. He also added a bone nut. The ebony on the board also looks new with virtually no wear. I'm the third owner of this, so to my knowledge the hardware is original. The electronics were upgraded to CTS 500k pots and NOS Russian paper in oil caps. The original Shaw pickups were long gone when I bought the guitar, and it is currently loaded with Duncan pickups (JB bridge and Pearly Gates neck).

          The neck profile is thin, but a little more rounded and not as flat as the current 60's slim taper necks. But it's definitely closer to a thin 60's than a fat 50's. The finish has worn off much of the back of the neck and feels like smooth wood and not sticky nitro. With the thinner profile, stainless frets, and three-piece maple neck, this thing plays straight, low, and fast. To me, these customs with all the maple tend to sound a little tighter with a focused punch to them. If you're a rocker, you'll like this one.

          Pics were taken indoors on a rainy day using flash, so some of the pics look a little darker amber than in natural light. The picture of the guitar sitting in the case is the closest to what it actually looks like. It's a natural that has aged slightly, but not dark amber.

          Case is the original plastic chainsaw protector case. Its missing a latch or two and has two remaining that work on the side. The case does stay shut and protects the guitar well.

          $2200 shipped (lower 48) or $2000 cash local




          • I am selling a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany. Excellent
            player in great condition. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Distortion (bridge) and
            GFS Dream 90 (humbucker P90). I also have a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickup set if
            interested. Comes with hard shell case.

            $550 shipped. PayPal CONUS.

            PM for more pics.

            Les Paul

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            • She's a sweet one .... just not bonding  $450 Shipped



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              • Firebird type chromed covers with cream P90 surrounds and cover hardware. These fit in a hum / minihum rout, or a p90 rout (but would need a baseplate), full leads

                neck: 6.99K
                bridge: 7.2K

                Both pickups are in near-perfect condition

                $120 for the pair, shipped/pp

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              • Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup.  Extra pickup I bought but never used.  12 1/2" lead and screws included.  $55 shipped in US.

                SD Jazz.jpg SD Jazz back.jpg


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              • FS: Brand New Zoom G3...Asking 125.00 shipped.


                pm me.


                • Selling my '87 Les Paul Custom. Great, powerhouse guitar. Wine red original finish. All hardware has been upgraded to chrome hardware including Grover tuners. Neck pickup has been replaced by another model Gibson pickup. Bridge pickup is original. Missing two screws for the picking mounting ring. Missing pick guard. Normal vintage wear. A few dings and chips around body and headstock. Small chip in finish on neck but doesn't affect playing. Spot on back where finish is heavily worn from contact with belt buckles. Comes with OHSC and Dimarzio strap and strap locks installed.

                  An amazing guitar that is great for hard players and playing live. Dropped the price significantly. Most '87 customs are going for $3k+.

                  Call Tyler - 985-705-1628
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                  • Cobalt_Blue
                    Cobalt_Blue commented
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                    Looking for a Babicz Spider.


                    Will trade Fender Deluxe Series Power Telecaster w/ Fishman Powerbridge in near-mint condition for Babicz Spider