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  • NGD (Epiphone)



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    Trooper #179. Epiphone Sorrento 50th ann. reissue, Riviera P93 (wine red, black pearl, Royale red, white, gold), Wildkat (white, natural) Emperor Swingster, ES-355, SG 400 (red, black), Dot Studio, ES-335 Pro, LP Standard Pro+, LP Junior , LP Florentine, EL-00, LP Special 1 (yellow, red), G-1275, Gretsch Electromatic CB, Double Jet w/Bigsby, Squier Deluxe Stratocaster, Affinity Tele, Greco electric double cut, Gibson LPJ, Les Paul Special Humbucker, LP "single F hole", Firebird, ES-335, Ibanez GA35, AF151, SGBE-110, Regal Duolian RC-2, Marcus Martini A mandolin, Valencia A electric mandolin, Savannah F mandolin, Maestro mando-caster, Ktone F mandolin, Stella 12 string acoustic, Hondo H-320, Yamaha F325, Rogue 6 string lap steel, Warmouth P bass, Vox Amplug AC30 and cabinet, Mini 3 G2, AromA mini recording amp, Digitech Whammy V5 and MIDI controller, Expression X whammy, T C Electronic Transition and Flashback loopers, Boss Distortion DS-1, e-Band JS10, Electro-Harmonics Ravish sitar simulator w/ 2 MOOG expression pedals, B9 organ synthesizer, Epiphone tweed mini, Century, Fender Mustang Mini, Passport Mini, GDEC 3-30, Mustang 3 V2 (40 watt) , Hiwatt Bulldog 20, Bugera V5 and 2x12 cabinet, 6260-212, Acoustic Lead 20, Marshall G10 MKII, NuX Amp Force, ZOOM G2Nu w/ expression pedal, SoundTech QM802 compact mixer,

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    HNGD! A lovely example.

    I'm Me.<br><br>Guild GAD M120E<br>2006 50s Classic series MIM Fender Stratocaster 2 tone sunburst.<br>2004 Epi LP Standard in Trans Blue With Tonerider Alnico 2<br>97 Epi LP Junior Red with pots, caps and the magnets in the pickup repleaced.<br><br>Vox pathfinder 15R<br>Vox VT 15


    • Danhedonia
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      Super cool!  Had an Alley Kat once, sorry I sold it ...

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    Sweet bud. The yellow looks awesome. HNGD!
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    • gardo
      gardo commented
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      Nice I really like the vintage style emblem on the headstock.

      I've heard it called a bikini headstock. 

      I really looked at those but ended up with a 335 clone  still like them

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    That's nice. HNGD!
    We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      Congrats. I love the Wildkats, one of the coolest Epis around.


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        Would. HNGD! (o)(o)
        <div class="signaturecontainer">LIVESTRONG<br><br><br>< br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.bandmix.com/kevman/">www.bandmix.com/kevman/</a></div><br><br>Hey what happened? I had 5000+ posts here.


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          INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums

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            Cool finish and a BIGSBY! Congrats


            • humbuckerstrat
              humbuckerstrat commented
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              I've always liked those, HNGD!