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Guitar refinishing place on ebay... Anyone ever use them?


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  • Guitar refinishing place on ebay... Anyone ever use them?


    195.00 to refinish your guitar... If they turn out as nice as the examples they show it might be a decent deal, they do just about any color you can think of.   Just curious if anyone has any experience with them.

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    No experience, but that's a great tip!

    Well, unless they suck


    • larryguitar
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      I'd be a bit more confident if they at least outlined what type of finish they used; acrylic lacquer, poly, nitro? Those are fairly basic questions.

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    I sent them an email asking about their processes and materials... As well as their finishing/polishing processes (if any). Will let you know what I hear back.


    • gardo
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      Don't be to quick to refinish. I've seen people spend a fair amount of money for refinishing only to kill the value of the guitar.