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NGD (Ibanez Les Paul content)

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  • NGD (Ibanez Les Paul content)

    Been eyeing this one this one on the local craigslist for a bit. Even though i am beyond broke i got rid of most of my guitars to afford christmas presents and the one guitar i have right now has a warped neck. According to the serial number this is a 1977 (9 years older than me). It is beat and shows many signs of age but it sounds fantastic (has the super 70s pickups).


    The owner did a lot of modding to this (phase switch, single coils, blend knob) and even gave me a chart to go along with what position is what. The neck on this thing is amazing; beefy and the action super low and very fast. No dead spots or buzzing of any kind. Plugged it in and i get some really really nice hard rock tones, lots of mid-range which i like and some superb clean tones. Not bad for just over $100


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    That's got to be one heck of a deal.

    And the wear jut adds mojo



    • Lonnie99
      Lonnie99 commented
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      I've owned a few of the PF series. Steal at that price.

    • slideroni
      slideroni commented
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       Yeah, you scored. Embarrassed to say I paid several times that for my 77, but it's totally clean and original.

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    Nice score, chimi!
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    • GreatDane
      GreatDane commented
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      well-done!  i can surely dig it.

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    Heck of a deal! Happy new guitar day!

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    • Malfunction
      Malfunction commented
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      Wow awesome guitar.

    • Brian Krashpad
      Brian Krashpad commented
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      Bosstastic deal.




    • BydoEmpire
      BydoEmpire commented
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      Cool guitar and a heckuva deal!  Congratss!