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  • Quote Originally Posted by Preacher
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    Will grab some pics soon!!
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    • .....My 2nd slated for delivery tomorrow!!! A blem Crunchy Pats equipped 510. I figued I needed an LP style anyways. And with the 15% off from earlier, it was dirt-nasty cheap.
      I like plaid and argyle.


      • Can I join if I make mine out of Guitar Fetish parts? Pretty much everything but the body is coming from Jay.
        Originally Posted by neatobassman

        Know what's worse than a bad singer. A singer that sounds like a bad singer. Now replace bad singer with Ben Gibbard.

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        • Quote Originally Posted by elovercast
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          Here's mine

          Just love this guitar.

          Okay, an explanation is in order. What's the story on the inlay?

          As for the rest of you, I have updated the roster. Some of you (you know who you are) owe us pics.

          And for those of you planning to join up, please do, but you really ought to let us know what you think of your axe after you have it in hand...oh yeah and please supply pics.
          Originally Posted by wedgehed II

          Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


          • Quote Originally Posted by Silverburst LP
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            That's a looker for sure! I bet a tailpiece and some strings would REALLY set it off!

            But seriously, I'm not an X-man yet, but soon enough I will own this lovely:

            And if I don't love the stock Fat Pats it comes with, will install one of these in the bridge:

            (Memphis "Ric")

            And maybe one of these in the neck:

            (Dream 180)

            I've tried a bunch of their pickups, and love 'em. Can't wait to see what kind of axe you get for the money.

            My first (of six ) Xavieres is a Korean-made XV900 that I put a mismatched Memphis bridge Liverpool neck set into. Tremendous guitar, goes to every gig.
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            • Got my 510 today. After playing it maybe 10 minutes....it's my new favorite. Can't wait to get a good set up on it and new strings ( the 10s might get 9s but the 10s sound great....). Anyways, 3 thumbs up for this one....oh yeah, $154 shipped!
              I like plaid and argyle.


              • HNGD! Sounds like a sweet git.

                Are there pics there getting blocked by my filter or...


                • No pics yet. Soon. I prolly oughta post some soundclips. The Cruchy Pats really dig in. Too much gain and they really get mushy though.
                  I like plaid and argyle.


                  • after hours on the fretboard and setting up the inotation, voicing and restringing with cleartone 10's

                    XV-585 Aged Natural ... inlay kit now in and once I wear down the cleartones going to put it on since im going back to D'Addario XL regular lights... bell knobs switched now for zebrawood bells from greasy groove because they have rub inserts for speed gripping and going to get strap locks for it asap for the satriani strap and going to measure to order a mahogany truss rod cover


                    • Ordered a natural ash XV-870 yesterday! Can't wait to get it!


                      • Lets try some pics...The flame on this 510 is pretty damn nice. The black one is gonna get covered in hot rod stuff. The pickguard got sparkle red for a lil somethin to look at.

                        I like plaid and argyle.


                        • And now I did my inlay work too and put strap locks on it and wooden knobs... sorry my phones camera... my xv-585


                          • Quote Originally Posted by jdillar6
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                            And now I did my inlay work too and put strap locks on it and wooden knobs... sorry my phones camera... my xv-585

                            I really like it. very nice looking. how did you do the inlays?
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                            • inlaystickers.com and lots and lots of patience... found the wood picks work better than the plastic ones when smoothing these out and adhering them


                              • Finally got a good pic of my Xaviere XV-870 Darkside Edition with Lil Killers pickups, and some Halloween Vinyl decals, ... and the rest of the "family".

                                I'm still working on the action - it's a bit uneven (high near the body, very low near the nut) and buzzes in some spots around the 7th thru 15th frets. Any suggestions? Will a shim help me?
                                Dimaension X