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EMG vs. Seymour Duncan Blackout


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    hit the blackouts, more tone than emgs, plus there quieter
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    Originally Posted by MONGO!

    Black history for 1st graders

    Originally Posted by nodachi

    despite being horrendously biased, you are absolutely correct. NICEPWNT.

    Originally Posted by King Loudness

    Nicepwnt, not so nicely, I might add.

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      Emg isnt going anywhere.
      IMO they put active pickups on the map.
      While I'm not a big fan, a lot of bands whose guitar tones I love use them.
      Havn't heard the blackouts, but regardless of how awesome they might be, I doubt they are gonna replace an entire company.


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        Analog pups provide better harmonics, I choose neither and have a guitar with an EMG and my Alnico V's pups destroy it!

        EMGs are digital now???

        So how are the harmonics "better" in other pups?


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          What about the elusive D-Activator pups for comparison of the SD and EMG?


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            What about the elusive D-Activator pups for comparison of the SD and EMG?

            Oh, didn't you know? Dimarzios are only for soul-less shredders. Heh.

            Seriously, the D-Activators are getting great reviews by and large.


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              I have a Jackson Guitar with The EMG 81/85 SET and a Epiphone Les Paul with the Seymour Duncan Blackouts ABH1.  In my opinion, the SD sounds much better than the EMG`s. After I install the SD in the Epiphone I never used my jackson again.