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    Hey all

    Well I just got a email from Fender saying that the Mexico plant is going to be making Charvels now along with the Indonesia plant.  I just got a MIJ San Dimas and can't explain in words how much I love this guitar.  He assured me the quality control would be as good if not better since they actually own this plant as opposed to the one that closed in Japan.

    Any ideas or thoughts?


    Also,  probably old news but I just found the band Crimson Glory from back in the late 80's.... they are awesome...too bad their singer passed away in 09....  give them a listen if you have not already...  great guitar and over the top vocals.


    See ya


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    Note to self, sell MIA san dimas on ebay for twice what I paid for it now. **************************** FMIC, first they kill Hamer, then they go and ruin Charvel just after they had repaired it's reputation.

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      I've nothing against MIM guitars, but on reputation and resale value alone, I'd take MIJ over MIM any day.


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        If that's true, then it may be time for me to quietly pick up a San Dimas Charvel before they shoot up in price.

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