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  • Hot or Not? February 8th







    Guilford Ty Tabor Signature Model

    While not visible outwardly, the Ty Tabor model features Tone Vents(TM) built into the body which lighten the guitar by about 1 pound. On average, the guitar weighs 7.15 lbs. which is light for a mahogany backed guitar. The Tone Vents(TM) rest underneath a generously thick maple cap. They aren

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    Guitar is nice.  Don't care for the color or the neck dots and X crap.


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      Ty Tabor has a new sig? No more Yamaha? I like it. One of my favorite players, too.
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      • seven58
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        I like it.

      • bubkus_jones
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        kayd_mon wrote:
        Ty Tabor has a new sig? No more Yamaha? I like it. One of my favorite players, too.

        Hasn't been with Yamaha for a few years.



        I like this one. Reminds me of a EBMM Axis.

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      F$&@ing HOT!
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      • BydoEmpire
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        Not the kind of style (or color) I'd normally go for, but the whole is more than the sum of the parts.  I like it!

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      Love Ty Tabor...LOVE him...


      ...HATE the guitar...


      • bjcarl
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        Can't stand the body shape or the "X" inlay...on the fence about the color. I'm sure it's a sweet player and a quality instrument, but on cosmetics alone-I'm going with "not".

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      In a different color, I'd like that a lot.
      We're not in Kansas anymore.


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        Just can't get into this one today. I will say I love that fretboard though.


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          Way hot, and I'm not normally into green or flashy guitars.


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            I LOVE it. This is the kind of guitar that I would buy and pay good money for. The figure on the top is the kind that I love most: subtle and going in several direction (I hate paralelle tiger flame when it is too strong).

            I'd ask him to have no inlays or one tasteful one at the 12th fret. And a natural color or slightly amber. The green is not my favorite color but I'm not surprised that TT would have it green. I saw a vid of him with a USA custom made Pacifica that was also green and his signature Yammie was offered in green and purple.

            And the description is very well written.

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            • billybilly
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              I reallly like it but not a fan of the P-Rails.  Easy fix though.

              I like the colour too, unique, the whole guitar is.