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I'm about to venture into wireless............

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  • I'm about to venture into wireless............

    Suddenly, I'm finding that I may need to go wireless for my guitar rig.  We are beginning to play bigger venues with bigger stages and we have a new, somewhat crazy, jump around bassist who feels that I need to jump around with him (LOL).

    I have absolutely no background in wireless technology with the exception of our singer who uses a Sennheiser wireless rig.

    Any suggestions or insight?



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    I'm thinking about going wireless myself I'm looking at the Line 6 G series, used G30 or a G50. They seem to get a lot of love around here.
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      Ironically, I went wireless because of cramped stages.  I always worred that somebody would trip on a cable and knock my guitar off its stand.  I do love the freedom to walk around and talk to a band member on the other side of the stage or whatever.  It's also very handy for hearing how you sound in the FOH mix. 

      Anyway, I have a Line 6 G30 and love it.  Inexpensive (for what it is and compared to the other G units), long battery life, uses simple and cheap AA batteries, uses a standard guitar cable (not some proprietary cable like the other G units), I've never had any dropouts or problems, sounds the same as a cable to me, and works at long distances.  I went out to my folks' house in the country to test its range.  I was over 300 feet and it was still going and there were some trees between me and the receiver.  Anything much over 50 feet is pointless anyway because the speed of sound causes a delay that makes it next to impossible to play in time.