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Hot or Not? February 4th


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  • Hot or Not? February 4th


    Hagstrom Viking

    The Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar covers all genres from blues/rock to jazz/fusion and back again. With an arched semi-hollow maple body, its looks are as sweet as its tone. 2 Hagstrom humbuckers, combined with the resonant, semi-hollow body, provide plenty of power. And no Hagstrom is complete without their famous, fast-playing neck. The Viking has the patented H-Expander truss rod which provides tension at either end and runs the entire length of the neck. The rigid yet lightweight alloy truss rod allows for very low action and a thin set maple neck. 

    Another Hagstrom exclusive, the resinator fretboard is an extraordinary, homogeneous wood composite that maintains a strong fundamental harmonic and eliminates wolf tones. It offers the articulate sound of high-quality ebony but with more consistency and durability. Silky smooth, reliable, and fast. 

    The self-lubricating graphite composite nut is much harder than bone or plastic resulting in more string vibration through the neck. Tuning is also improved and string binding is eliminated by self-lubrication. 

    A long travel Tune-o-matic-style bridge and trapeze tailpiece further increase tone, sustain, and intonation quality. 18:1 gear ratio machine heads ensure fully accurate tuning. 

    The Viking's high-grade polyester finish is hard, smooth, and more dense than polyurethane, so its guaranteed to look great and provide excellent protection and sonic performance. 

    Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

    • Arched semi-hollow maple body
    • North American hard maple set neck
    • Resinator fretboard
    • Hagstrom pearl dot position marks
    • H-Expander truss rod
    • Hagstrom 18:1 die-cast tuners
    • 24.75" scale
    • 2 Hagstrom HJ-50 humbuckers
    • 3-way toggle pickup selector
    • Long-travel Tune-o-matic-style
    • Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece
    • 2 volume and 2 tone controls
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    Like most Hags, hot.


    • Pine Apple Slim
      Pine Apple Slim commented
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      I certainly think I would like it.
      In reality I've don't think I've ever seen a Hagstrom, much less play one.

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    Wish they made one with a 50s neck.... the Viking's neck is VERY thin.


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      Like. I've always thought the Hags were cool looking axes. I'd play one anyday.


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        Hot. But one of several guitars that look exactly like that.


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          From Great Dane: INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums


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          Hot enough...and a super thin neck makes me happy...


          • Bubbluz
            Bubbluz commented
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            Played one of those,just ok to me. ymmv.

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          Hot looking, not sure if I'd get along with the neck.