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I sold my Gibson 65 ES335 for $90 has anyone seen it?


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  • I sold my Gibson 65 ES335 for $90 has anyone seen it?

    Back in 1965 I started playing jazz I was 15 years old.We live about 5 miles from Sam Ash in Hempstead NY.My father said he would buy me a Hollow body Jazz guitar so we went down to the store Jerry ash waited on us and sold my father a Gibson ES 335 ,I think it cost him  about $350 then.In 68 I joined the Air Force During Nam and I traveled with that guitar all over and in about 1970 started playing Gigs with the USO.When you went to Thailand ,Okinawa ,Philippines Guam it seemed like the only gear they where playing where ES 335s and Fender Twins.By the time 72 came around I was really into folk music so I traded my ES 335 for a Martin D 28. The sales Guy Steve said he could only give me $90 for it he told me no one plays Hollow bodies anymore.I have the picture on the wall next to me everyday just as a reminder of what an fool I was. I still remember the small on the old gibson. I dont think there is a chance in the world I would ever see that baby again but who knows.It made alot of GIs happy.I wonder what it is worth? Take a look at this picture. We bought those outfits on Delancy st.NYC for $12 Oh buy the way I was playing a it though a Haines Jazz king amp one of the first Transistorized amps ,probably one of the worse amps ever made.


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    I think we all have "the one that got away"

    Mine was a 1963 Gretsch Clipper I sold about 20 yrs. ago . Nothing was wrong with t. It played great ,the neck felt good and it would scream but my former girlfriend did not think I needed so many guitars. Now her and the guitar are both history and the value of the guitar has gone way up.(but I don't miss her}main\_10180.jpg 

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      Heartbreaking! I'm thinking neither of you will have an opportunity to repeat the same mistake:catlol:

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    If you are really interested in tracking the axe down, I hope you remember the serial number.

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      Also , where did you trade it? Do you have the receipt?

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    Still have the Martin? No one plays Martins anymore. I'll give ya $90 for it.