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Michael Schenker: Into the arena


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  • Michael Schenker: Into the arena

     One of the most underrated players!

    Gear:VHT PITTBULL Classic 50 Head (reverb)Elmwood 4x12 cabinetBlackheart Little giantChris Larkin ASAD 105, Fender Strat American plus , G&L ASAT IIIEffects: John Cusack Screamer VS II, Bogner XTC Red Pedal, MXR Phase 90, Silver Machine Wah, Analogman chorus, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, tc electronic polytune

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    Problem with that video... Not enough Michael Schenker, too much Group.

    Glad to see he's looking healthy again.

    Originally Posted by wedgehed II

    Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


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      aquaman wrote:

       One of the most underrated players!

      He sure is,his early Scorpion work is epic as his much of his other,Saw him live a few months ago in a club..He looks Alot better than he did..I failed to get a autograph though.


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        Mikey will always be my main inspiration for guitar!