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Need a small digital video recorder for live shows.

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  • Need a small digital video recorder for live shows.

    Assuming they all take decent video, I guess? Equally If not more important, I need the audio recording quality to be very good and to hold up we'll to various live show situations, various placements, distances and volumes of a moderately loud live band with something that can handle bass frequencies pretty well.

    The more video and audio editing capabilities the better, and the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube via yfi would be a cool feature. If they even have that feature available?

    A decent amount of storage, a decent amount of continuous recording time and something with good battery life are all desirable features. Various User friendly input and output capabilities would be nice too.

    Budget is around a couple hundred bucks.

    I know I am asking alot, but I just don't know what is out there, haven't researched them and figured a lot of you whackos already own them and can share your knowledge and advice.

    Of all the features I mentioned Id like to have, the top five most important to me are
    1. Audio quality
    2. Audio quality
    3. Audio quality
    4. Audio quality
    5 Audio quality

    I realize it is not a recording studio, but I need something that sounds WAY better than using a cell phone, for example.

    As many of the other features as possible would all be considered bonuses, but you get the point.

    Oh yeah, one last thing, It needs to be something they sell at guitfiddle center, Sam ashash or maybe best buy so I can just go in, physically get my hands on it, buy it RIGHT freeking NOW if I want to, and have the possibility of returning it if I'm not satisfied.

    So..... Are you still with me? Then perhaps you should get a life?

    But I would really appreciate your advice, nonetheless.

    What you got for me?

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    Good to see you posting again.  I have never used one of these, but I believe the audio only version have a level setting for the audio so it doesn't all clip out and sound like a wall of noise.  The stores you mentioned should have something similar to give a try.


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