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NGD: 50th Birthday gift


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  • NGD: 50th Birthday gift

    Me and my new JTV59 in Tobacco Burst. Just got it home and am updating all the software and firmware.

    (I've been sick the past couple of days and look like crap but I assume you're all focusing on the guitar and not me.)

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    wow.....I can't remember the last time I've seen so many lies packed into such a small space

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    You should read the bible.


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    Thats looks great. Happy Birthday and HNGD!!!
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      awesome, i'd love one of them, just so i could dick around pretending i was a sitar player


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        Nice! Happy Birthday!


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          Happy b-day friendo, sweet guitbox
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            Congrats on hitting the big 50 (I hit also this year lol) and on a great gift! Age is only a state of mind and it goes to show that our generation was nothing like our parents who would never of have been diming an amp and wailing away at that age lmfao.


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              Happy 50th, schweet guitar dude.
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                Happy Birthday and welcome to the half century club! nice looking guitar! More pics and details about it?

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                  Very nice! I too hit 50 back in August and my lovely wife got me the iPad I'm posting from.
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                    Very nice! Happy birthday!


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                      50 is just down the street for me... I should be so lucky to get a gift like that!
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                          Happy birthday and happy NGD! That looks like a great 25-in-1 present!
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                            Sweet guitar! & happy b-day.
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                              29 guitars in 1? Not to shabby. Somebody loves ya!