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SOT Great way to spend the superbowl


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  • SOT Great way to spend the superbowl

    Not watching it but watching this guy 


    for 3 hours in a workshop from about 10 feet away.   Very educational and inspirational (I won't be selling all my guitars just yet).   I was inspired because in spite of the amazing talent he has he came off as very down to earth, very genuine and very much interested to share his knowledge. 



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    Originally Posted by Frets99
    I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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    about 23 years ago i was at a local club watching his brother Phil play(who is also phenomenal). And Tommy was just near us in the crowd. The gig hadn't yet started but i said to my mate 'hey there's Tommy Emmanuel' and he said 'who?' and i said 'he's probably the most talented guitar player in Australia'. So he digested the info, then turned on his heel and went over and shook Tommys hand and told him he thought he was the most talented guitar player in Australia and Tommy said thanks and they had a chat for 5mins. Prick, wish i'd thought of that.


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      here's Tommy and Phil together many years ago.