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Who do you trust more, Fender or Warmoth?


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  • Who do you trust more, Fender or Warmoth?

    I'll make this specific to bodies as warmoth clearly states that necks may need finishing fret work and the like.

    So, if you were making some kind of partscaster and could be given a finished Warmoth body or a Fender American Standard body, whether it be tele, strat or whatever... which would you trust more for quality?

    I'd take the Warmoth.

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    I will take Warmoth.  

    First, their quality is great.  I own two guitars that have Warmoth bodies and necks.  Both are fantastic, I am also planning two more.  

    Second, and most important for me, is the customization available.  For example, I want a strat shaped guitar with a fixed bridge.   The only Fender strat I can think if that has a hardtail is the Robert Cray.  I am sure there are others, but not many.  I also like the look and feel of wood.  Both of my Warmoths have no finish on the necks and one has no finish on the body, while the other has a couple coats of Tung oil.

    For me it is a no brainer.  I can get exactly what I want from Warmoth.  With a Fender I would be modding the crap out of it and doing things to it to destroy its value, such as taking the finish off the neck.


    • El Glom-o
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      guitar.jpgugameus wrote:

      I will take Warmoth.  

      Second, and most important for me, is the customization available.  For example, I want a strat shaped guitar with a fixed bridge.   The only Fender strat I can think if that has a hardtail is the Robert Cray.  I am sure there are others, but not many.

      If you're getting a custom-cut body from Warmoth, you could go with a Tele-style bridge, like this one that they cut for the Stratosquire that I put together for my brother.

      Warmoth vintage "Boat" neck.

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    Fender mass peoduced quality sucks. I'm such a G&L guy


    • billybilly
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      Stonedtone wrote:

      Fender mass peoduced quality sucks. I'm such a G&L guy

      So, does this mean you are a warmoth person in the context of this topic?

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    I'm not enough of an authority to honestly say, but I know that Warmoth is top shelf. It's a shame(and a mystery as to why) they aren't worth more used.


    • Floyd Rosenbomb
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      I would choose a custom builder, though honestly, bodies are not that complicated to manufacture.  Just about any company can produce a good one as long as you approve of the construction technique, i.e. 1 piece body, 2 piece, etc.


      And you are right about warmoth necks, they are good but they do not arrive at your door finished.  They will need fret work, nut adjustment and If you choose, finish.

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    I luv my Warmoth from end to end but honestly, I wouldn't hesitate to get a Fender this or that...it's just wood fer crissakes lol. If lotsa famous players have used Fenders, that's good enuff a reason as any to show that splitting hairs over which body to get is pretty silly, unless you intend to mount the body on a pedestal, never play it, and have a spotlight shine on it to show it's superior attributes lol.


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      I have never seen a Warmoth, but for what it's worth my recently purchased American Standard Strat is outstsnding.  It's the only Fender that I own, being a humbucker and P90 fan, but it most definitely had some loving attention at the factory.  If you haven't held/played an MIA Strat recently, I think that you need look again.  The wood grain on my Tri color burst is gorgeous, as is the finish on the body, neck, and fret board.


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        I have both of them a Standard Fender Stratocaster and a fixed bridge hss warmoth strat and sincerely I play my standard most than the warmoth well I'm gonna sell the warmoth soon.


        The reason I prefer my fender standard strat than the warmoth is that in the end I prefer the overall feel and tone of the standard strat. It seems that for me a strat without a tremolo its not a strat, the tremolo is half of the fun of playing a strat and it gives a strat their distinctive tone.

        I bought the warmoth just because I wanted to learn how to build an electric guitar and it was a fantastic experience eventhough I sucked at the electronics department which I actually had to give it to a tech to complete it since dimarzio schematics suck donkey balls and don't make any sense. The pros of geting a warmoth over a fender strat is that you can customize it the way you want at half the price of what would you pay if you do it directly with fender custom shop or a luthier but the cons is that you'll have to assemble ir or pay a tech to do that for you though for me that's half the fun but for some people it could be a hassle.

        When I went with warmoth I ordered an angle strat neck but for some strange reason after i strung the guitar the neck wraped and it was unplayable but then later i bought another neck and it is a fantastic guitar but i really have any use for it. In the end for the time and money I spent with the warmoth I should've bought an american stratocaster and be done with it but what I learn by assembling was worth it.  So in the end it will go like this buy the warmoth if you want to learn how to assemble an electric guitar, like I did, but if you want to save money and time and just want to grab the guitar and play buy a fender. Either way is your choice fender's and warmoth's quality is amazing I don't know why people in this forum bash fender on their quality because most strats that I have played all of them have been high quality instruments even their imports.

        And another good thing about fenders is that as time passes they retain there value or gain a litle bit more value while the warmoth won't. I know used american strats go for $600 but later like 20 years or so the value might go up. 


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          The only difference in the quality vs. the price of the Fender guitars, or Amps, or parts you are buying is where the Mexican is standing that is manufacturing or assembling those parts. I would go with Warmoth.

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