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  • Custom fitted guitar cases

    In a few months, I'll need to have fitted cases made for several unusual guitars. I want a more or less 'traditional' rectangular hardcase with perhaps a color-coordinated tolex covering and the interior form-fitted to the bodies with a separate space to accomodate a guitar stand.

    The J. Backlund Design company is using G&G for their custom cases, but I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas on other case companies that can also build single cases to order.


    I need something like this for three (or more) upcoming single guitars, no 'snakeskin' this time though....

    100 in case 1.jpg100 case.jpg

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    I am interested in this also.  I emailed G&G a while back, but they never responded.  I am looking for a hardshell case for a Jazzmaster body with a baritone neck on it.  It is about 42".  I may go with a case for an assault rifle.  Apparently there is a 44" case that is a standard size for assault rifles.


    • Mr Temporary
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      Might check with the builders over at the MIMF. I seem to recall some discussions there. Also possibly the suppliers list at the GAL. 

      I hate building cases. They're expensive, not enjoyable to build, and never look 100% pro compared to the guitars that go in them. Having said that, I've vowed to take a serious look at building road cases using standard extrusions and parts the next time I design something that won't fit into a standard case - which I'm strongly opposed to doing in the first place. 

    • J Backlund
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      I had experienced the same thing with G&G, I sent them an email a few months ago asking about having a special guitar case made and what they would need from me to build it for a specific guitar. They never responded. When I know more about the guitars (they're currently being built in the Netherlands) I'll try again before I give up on them entirely.