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what was the first amp you ever bought, and your last amp

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    3 months after I bot my first electric....Peavey Rage 158! I was stoked. Really made my strat come to life.

    Last one was a Mustang II. Play it daily. Great practice amp.


    In between were many tube amps(ampwhore) and a suprisingly awesome SS amp, a Lab Series L7 (actually more an L5 since it's in a 2x12.) Sounds like a twin.

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      Marshall MG15 .png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />


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        My first was actually bought by my Dad. It was a Silvertone 1484. My second was a Kustom A200A-4. I saved money for a year and a half to get that one. Cost about $700 if I remember correctly and to this date is still the most expensive one I have bought. Then, a couple of years ago, I bought a Mustang II. Don't hardly ever use it though. Last summer I got a Kustom III Lead which was originally a combo, but I only got the amp and made a 2-12 cab and a case for the head. So it is now a piggy back. Still have all of them.

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