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what was the first amp you ever bought, and your last amp

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  • what was the first amp you ever bought, and your last amp

    first Gorilla Tube Cruncher combo

    last  5E3 Tweed Deluxe

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    First: 40 watt Holmes practice amp. Sounded great until the speaker started to crackle and I eventually gave it to Goodwill during a long lapse in playing.

    Last: Blackstar HT-1R


    • Pine Apple Slim
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      1st was Yamaha practice amp circa 1978-79.
      The last one was another practice amp, Mustang 1.

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    My first amp was in my Sears Silvertone guitar case. My first 'proper amp' was an Ampeg Gemini I in the mid 60s. My last amp was the Kemper Profiling amp.


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      Well the first one I bought (as opposed to receiving as a gift) was my '69 Kustom 100, which I still have.  Most recent purchased is a Crate B150 bass head I bought to flip, but will have to do some work on before reselling.

      Both can be seen in this pic:




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        First - after playing through a borrowed 2x12 no-name tube amp for years, I finally bought my own; a mid-80's Crate G80XL :mantongue:

        Latest - Jet City JCA22H



        • Patuney
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          The first was a MusicMan 210 sixty five, the last my Genz Benz Black Pearl.DSC03500.jpgDSC03661.jpg

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        First amp when my parents were footing the bill - Gorilla 10 watt practice amp

        First amp with my own money - Fender Pro Junior

        Last amp I bought - Traded a guitar for a Peavey Mini Collosal JSX.  Recently replaced the preamp tube in it to  a 5963 (close to a 12AU7in sound) tube to give the amp a lot more headroom.  


        The only amp I regret parting with is the Fender Pro Junior.  In fact, I'd say that is the only piece of music equipment I sold or traded that I wish I still had.  The Peavey isn't a bad small tube amp, but the Fender was better.


        • Malcolm Ramone
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          First, Peavey Audition 30. Great amp, but i blew it up.
          Last, a Marshall Lead 100 MOSFET head, which lives at my band's studio now. At least until I can afford to have my Ampeg VT 40 redone! -Adam

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        First - Gorilla GG-20
        Most recent - Vox AC4

        Certainly not the last. I want an Orange one of these days.
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        • 44caliberKid
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          Yes awesome! My first amp was also a ill Gorilla, the 10 watter I believe, with no OD so I got my first OD pedal for my bday..a boss ds1 back in the late 90s I was about 13. My last amp, and currently, a peavey valve king 1x12 50 watt combo that I reloaded wit a Celestion vintage 30. And if I had the money today...a Badcat Lynx...but I'll probably change my mind tomorrow.

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        First one I bought was a Pig Nose amp. It was great for practice but could not play out anywhere. The last amp I bought is an Egnater Rebel 30 combo.

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          My very first amp was an unknown model Epiphone. I think it was 5 watts. Hated it, but it took dirt pedals pretty well.

          My most recent amp is a Blackstar HT-5, which is now three years old, and I'm still in love with it.

          My next amp will be an Orange of some flavor. I'm vacillating between a Micro Terror, a TT, a Jim Root #4 Terror, an OR15, or maybe even a used AD15/12.

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            and yes, I had to build it myself.  In fact that was when i learned to solder.

            Heathkit Combo

            I missed the part about the last amp.  It's a Blackstar HT-Stage-100, the head only.  It's sitting on top of a Peavey Windsor cab and I also have that head as well.


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              first amp: some sort of small Peavey solid-state combo amp.

              last amp: '60s Fender Champ.

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              • Special J
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                First amp was some cheesy Crate POS practice amp.

                First proper giggable amp was a Peavey Stereo Chorus.

                Most recent was my Valvetech Hayseed 30.

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              My first amp was a Gorilla,  the first amp I bought was a Marshell valvestate VS100 (Ithink) in 1992-3.  Wish I knew how to use it back then, I had only been playing for about 10 months when I got it.  Wish I still had it as with a lot of the gear I've had. Last amp was a Blues JR.

              valvestate 100.jpg


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                gorilla ftw!

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              This was the first

              A Gorilla GG20R.

              Last one is this.

              Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18.


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              • Buttcrust
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                Supro Super, Mustang mini

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              First: Marlboro something or other...


              Last: Tech21 Trademark30...


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                3 months after I bot my first electric....Peavey Rage 158! I was stoked. Really made my strat come to life.

                Last one was a Mustang II. Play it daily. Great practice amp.


                In between were many tube amps(ampwhore) and a suprisingly awesome SS amp, a Lab Series L7 (actually more an L5 since it's in a 2x12.) Sounds like a twin.

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