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Even Gibson Bashers Will Agree (I Think)

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  • Even Gibson Bashers Will Agree (I Think)

    Pretty sweet, yes?



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  • #2

    Different gets my attention every time

    It's 4am woman make up your mind. EITHER SPIT IT OUT OR SWALLOW IT!!!


    • #3

      I like the looks of that.  I will have to look it up, but for now what is it?  A semi-hollow Les Paul Jr?


      • #4

        Ok, got it.  The Gibson N-225



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        • Guit-mangler
          Guit-mangler commented
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          The Gibson N-225 Nighthawk.. Looks like Sears has 'em for $1399 online... Pretty sweet in the natural finish, but you can keep the pin-stripey one, kinda cheapens the look..

        • *BLEEP*
          *BLEEP* commented
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          Looks like yet another soon-to-be-forgottten Dean or Schecter design.  

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      • #5

        If any other manufacturer produced that they would be getting ripped a new ****************************!


        • #6

          The one with the pinstripes looks pretty cool.

          That said, I expect to see these blown out cheap in November. I just don


          • blackmaxphoto
            blackmaxphoto commented
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            The Vibrola is from the late 1950s, in fact it's the one on my 1969 SG Standard, and also used on the ES355, Firebird VII, Flying V and a few others of that vintage ... vintage enuff for ya?



        • #7
          Ugly as ****************.
          <div class="signaturecontainer"><div align="center"><font size="5"><font color="Blue">✡</font></font></div></div>


          • gardo
            gardo commented
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            I like it but not enough to buy one

        • #8

          Never considered myself a Gibson "basher", but I DO expect to get value for my hardwon $$$. IMHO, too many times Gibson's QA has been questionable - at BEST. As to the design? Other, "smaller" names (Ibanez and Samick come to mind) have promoted similar products in the not too distant past and seen flat sales ... time will tell. Personally, I'm NOT even excited, much less in love.


          • kayd_mon
            kayd_mon commented
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            I'm a Gibson fan, and I think they look ok. Different for sure.

        • #9

          I like the body style, but can't stand the pinstripes or tremelo. 


          • #10

            I'd like to try one.


            • #11

              tres cool...the natural finish one....humbucker bridge + P90 neck = WIN


              • #12

                So they're calling it a 'NightHawk', huh? I  always said that it looked alot like my Kramer NightRider :robotlol:


                FWIW, I much prefer this design:


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                • #13
                  It's a Vox!
                  .<p><img border="0" align="center" alt="blown away gif" src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/6289iEEAF33ECECD246E7/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" title="blown away gif"></p>


                  • Buttcrust
                    Buttcrust commented
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                    Is the natural also available with pin stripes ?