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    Malinoski Howlin' Moon #137

    24-3/4" scale
    24 frets Jescar 55090 @ 12" radius
    Delrin nut @ 1-11/16"
    Neck thickness @ 7/8" - medium "C"
    Dual action truss rod and carbon fiber rods
    Sperzel tuners
    Tonepros bridge
    P-90 pick-ups
    single volume pot
    single tone pot

    Oiled Maple and Cherry neck w/ Padauk fretboard
    Oiled reclaimed Douglas fir body

    Weight - 6 lbs 13 oz 

    This is a prototype for this model and has gone through some revisions before finalized, 
    the Douglas fir is in no way perfectly flawless but the neck is my standard style and brand new,
    it plays like a dream with some tremendous sustain.
    I've had some questions about what Douglas fir is like;
    this piece is a reclaimed roof rafter from a 1920s bungalow in my neighborhood,
    it has splits and checks and old nail holes- none of which are structural issues.
    It was probably over 100 years old 90 years ago and it is hard as a brick-
    all the resin crystallized long ago and you couldn't drive a nail in it now if you wanted to.

    Douglas fir is a conifer but it is not like pine, it is much denser and heavier even when fresh cut. 
    Sonically, this old hard Doug fir exists somewhere between maple and ash, warmer than maple and brighter than ash. 

    This guitar snorts and snarls with tremendous bloom and sustain- it's like a SG on steroids.

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    But the body does look like it has flood damage.

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      I was originally going to give that a "YIKES" but for some reason its starting to grow on me.


      I might need to get that looked at and Forums
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        I wouldn't buy one but if it landed on my doorstep, I'd play it.


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 the Doug fir...but the body proportions look a little off to me...


          • onerailunder
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            Yeah, ummmm, no, and why does it look like it has two 1/4" dowels running all the way from the fretboard through the neck at the first fret?

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          I vote Hot. It has a really interesting shape - familiar yet different.

          I wasn't really into the car pic on the bridge pup until I looked closer and realized it was a hearse. That kinda made it cooler.
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          • TeleFromHelly
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            I don't even post here anymore but that thing is awesome

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          Fugly, but I bet it plays like a sumbitch.


          • Malfunction
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            I like most of it not the lower horn tho..