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Hey Aussies! Cole Clark advice needed!


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  • Hey Aussies! Cole Clark advice needed!

    Billy, w00dsy & anyone else in the know...


    I'm looking(online) at a used Cole Clark FL2AC Fat Lady and wondering...is $1280 a good price?  I realize there are a lot of variables, and honestly, I HATE the idea of ordering an acoustic, but it's returnable with paid shipping, sooooo....


    what say you?


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    It's a pretty good price. They go for $1,900 new at a local music shop.


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    i have an fl2ac... i love it... i talked them down to about $1700 (new) here in australia

    but there is NO WAY i'd buy one online... i played a bunch.. some were ordinary.. some were good.. some were great

    the only way i'd consider it is if i intended to mainly play it plugged in... because they pretty much all sound good that way (imo)

    i guess the returnable with paid shipping thing is cool though





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      Like mistersully has said, acoustics are so variable, even high end ones.  I really would have to play them before I buy.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have played about 30 different Cole Clarks, the more consistent ones seem to be the Queensland maple back and sides with the Bunya top, but they are a tad too bright for me, kinda like a Taylor.  By the way, Queensland maple is not the same as north american maple, its more even across the sound board, very defined and sustaining sound.  Bunya is warmer than spruce, more middy.

      My favourite one was blackwood sides and back with a spruce top.  Blackwood is quite warm sounding and goes well with the spruce.  Bunya and blackwood are a bit middy together but nice nonetheless.  I didn't entertain the rosewood ones as they were out of my price range.

      They are really quite affordable for what you get and I like them better than Matons.

      FL1AC $1400ish blackwood/spruce

      FL2AC  $1700ish blackwood/spruce

      They have a newer one called an Angel and I could have got one for $1300, the lower end of the series with pickup.  It was nice too, all solid wood.  

      Of course, these are local prices with a little chopped off.  Mistersully got a ripper deal for $1700 with the rosewood, they wanted $1900 everywhere I went for those.


      This one ends today, lets see what it goes for...

      http://www.ebay.com/itm/200888188915?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p398 4.m1423.l2649

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    Ahhh, good ol' JJ...I wonder if he'll be back...HC NEEDS Senor Pistoles!