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Single Humbucker Guitars - EMG81 ?


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  • Single Humbucker Guitars - EMG81 ?

    Hi guys,


    I'm looking for a new guitar for gigging (I'll be playing Rhythm mainly).

    Thinking of something as straight forward as a single humbucker guitar with 1 volume knob (don't really care about the tone knob).

    If possible I'd like something with a decent stock pickup - preferably an EMG81 or equivalent.

    Don't need no floyd rose or anything. Just a simple fixed bridge.


    Can anyone suggest any suitable guitars that meet this criteria?


    I've had my eyes on this for a while because it fits the criteria perfectly:



    It is, however, very hard to find locally. I'm also curious to know what other options are out there.



    In terms of budget, I don't plan on spending too much on this guitar because I need something that can take some beating without feeling a serious loss.  I'm hoping to spend less than $500 on it.



    Thanks in advance!

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    my main guitar for my death metal days in the early 90's was a charvel with a single EMG 85 in the bridge.   Cool guitar, still have it

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      I've been doing so much searching on the internet and I seem to be finding alot of photos but no info on those guitars!

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      I have a Godin Redline 1 that has Emg 81 in the bridge..



      I doesn't really suit me for what I play but I keep it at home to play on in front of the tv.. it's a great guitar, has a thin soft V neck and jumbo frets and plays great. Really a no bull**************** guitar.


      Edit: and I got it for about $150 used.. I assume you can get it for about that in the states

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