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Hopefully there are enough people around to answer this question saving the signature

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  • Hopefully there are enough people around to answer this question saving the signature

    I got this at a Tommy E workshop.   While the signature is more or less out of the way I'd like to see it more permanently preserved since I have no intention of selling this guitar and no intention of not playing it (it is my only 6 string acoustic and of incalcuable sentimental value).   I asked a local luthier and he quoted $60-90 (depending on location he did not see this image).   Is there a cheaper way I can do myself?  Will I risk messing up the sig if I do (the signature is with a black sharpie)?


    Thanks guys


    Tommy E sig

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    If you do nothing the sig is going to wear off...so it would be worth it to spend the money to preserve it...unless you are 100% confident in your ability to layer finish on top of it without lifting or smearing it...I have seen a number of examples where people made a real hash of it...


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      I'd say pay to get it done professionally. I'd be terrified of messing up on something that important to me.

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    $60 - 90 isn't a lot to pay someone to do it. I'd just go that route.
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      You could always put some Sharpie in a surface and test if something messes with it before putting it on the guitar. I'd guess that something without a solvent would be best. Maybe a fixative, like the kind people use on paintings.

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      • nuke_diver
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        Thanks guys looks like the consenus is to get it done professionally since I'm not 100% sure I won't screw it up

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      Mr. Emmanuel signed a CD of mine after a show once. I count it as a cherished possession, and I'm sure I'd regard a signed guitar even more. I think it's definitely worth it to preserve the sig!
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