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Played a REALLY Cool Jazzmaster Today!


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  • Played a REALLY Cool Jazzmaster Today!

    I was in the local shop today picking up a case for the bass we just bought.  While talking with the salesman about the increase in Squire quality, he pointed out a guitar hanging on the rack.  It was a J Mascis Jazzmaster, and it played REALLY well!  Great neck, nice fretwork, sounded really good, and the gold pickguard really set it off.  Seemed a bit pricey for a Squire ($399), but honestly, it felt and played as good or better than any MIM Fender I've ever played.  Here's a pic:

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    Played one a Sam Ash a few months ago. The one without the slide switches. I was really impressed and if I had the money I would buy one.
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      Yeah...quality EASILY rivaled, or beat the MIM models...

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    Yeah, the J. Mascis J-master is pretty sweet.  Have a slight case of GAS for one myself, but it's behind a couple others I want more but can't afford right now either.