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Wildwood American Vintage 62 Thin Skin Telecaster Lake Placid Blue...Thoughts?

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  • Wildwood American Vintage 62 Thin Skin Telecaster Lake Placid Blue...Thoughts?

    I'm meeting someone tomorrow and may trade my AVRI 62 Jazzmaster. I've never bonded with either the Jag or the Jazz (although I like the Jazzmaster better)

    I love Teles but have a bunch but a bit of G.A.S. hit me when I saw the picture he sent.

    I've been trying to thin the herd and had this on Craigslist.

    Mine is Like New condition and his seems to be Good to possibly Very Good and he's the third owner while I am the original owner of my Jazz.

    Any thoughts on this tele?

    I think we'll check out each other's guitar but I have a feeling I will be disappointed in the condition of his tele. Well it's worth checking out since traffic is light sunday morning and I'll have the time before the superbowl.

    It also does concern me a bit the guitar has been through so many hands.

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      Sure, you can look at the equity of the proposed trade from a monetary standpoint. But if you aren't bonding with the guitar you have, and haven't had any luck selling it outright, I think you may want to think beyond the monetary equity standpoint.

      If you have an opportunity to trade for a guitar that is more to your liking, and the value difference isn't completely ridiculous, then why not? Even if there's an inequity in the condition. I mean as long as his hasn't been boogered up, drooled on, or otherwise abused, I wouldn't let that stop me from trading into something I'm going to enjoy more than what I had.

      Do the research, find out the value of each, go play it, and if you dig his guitar more than yours, and if you can live with losing the value difference, then pull the trigger.

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      SilverSurferJS20 wrote:


      Post the pic and I'm betting you'll get more responses...