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Guitar and bass amp rig from the same Mnf?


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  • Guitar and bass amp rig from the same Mnf?

    Guitar Amp and Bass Amp-Another hypothetical

    Free amplification for both guitar and bass,  from any single mnf. No small custom shops, has to be a maj brand. You guitar amp and your bass amp have to be the same brand.

    Myself, I'd prb go with Mesa. I think I could be very happy there for both guitar and bass amps.




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    That's a tough one. I can't think of too many amplifier manufacturers who excel at both guitar and bass amplifiers. You may have ended your own thread with your selection of Mesa.

    I might consider 65 Amps (may be cheating if you consider them boutique, but I think they may have transcended that by now). Maybe Bugera as well.


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      Fender or Peavey also excel at both.

      Actually, technically, Trace-Elliot is part of Peavey, now, so I'd take a Trace-Elliot stack with an 18 and a 4x10 and a Peavey 6505+ half stack.

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      Mesa, Ampeg, Ashdown, Marshall, Fender


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      Probably Mesa as well at the high end but for something in a more wallet friendly price range Ampeg.  They have a long history of being one of the major names for Bass amps and the relatively new GVT series of guitar amps are great.  I love my GVT-15,


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      I can't think of a better bass amp than a SVT. But, though there are lots of great sounding Ampegs (VT22, J12, J20, Geminis, Rockets, etc.), I don't know if I would be satisfied with one. But I guess I would be far happier with an old Ampeg than any Mesa, I just never liked Mesas..I find even their most retro-model too stiff.

      On the other hand, Fender makes great guitar amps and theew are plenty Inwould be happy with buttheir true, modern bass amps (150 watts or more) are all middle of the road...good but mot great.


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