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Wiring gurus, split not working, don't know why?


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  • Wiring gurus, split not working, don't know why?

    So, I gutted the pickups and wiring in my PRS SE and installled a 59 and Tone Zone both 4 conductor with push/pulls,  1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way switch.  Everything works fine except my bridge doesn't split for some reason.  I checked all the wiring again and it seems in check, albeit messy (lol).  I used the following diagram and took into consideration the different colours Dimarzio uses for their pickups.  Could the pot be fried?  Should I switch a couple of wires?  My pride wants me to make this work before taking it to my tech.








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    I'm no guru but I would say that the pot should be okay unless you overheated it soldering

    Switching wires is what I would try because they can always be switched back again .