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  • Push- Pull blender out of phase????

    So I was wondering if something was possible? My guitar has 2 humbuckers with 3-way switch 1 master volume and 1 master tone. I just moved my volume spot so now I have a blank spot where the volume knob used to be. I have 2 mini switches also, 1 coil-tap and 1 series/parallel. I want to put a blender pot where my volume pot was, but is there any way I can get a blender pot with center detent with a push-pull option? When pulled I would like to switch on OUT of Phase. I read some where that you when you have the pickups out of phase and blend out one of the pickups the out of phase effect is not as extreme and more pleasant to the ear. Can anyone add to this statement? What would happen when you used a Blender pot while out of phase? And is my request something that can be done? It would be great to have the ability to blend the pickups and put them out of phase all in one knob. Don't think you can but somthing like that right? Can I mod a pot to make that happen? Thanks

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    Ive never heard of a blender pot that was push/pull. If I were you Id get a stacked concentric pot with 2 volume controls and put it where your old volume pot was. Then get a push/pull pot for your tone control to knock one of the pickups out of phase. It would accomplish the same thing and having 2 volume pots is always better than using a blender pot. With a blender pot, none of the pickups is ever all the way off or all the way on. . or so Ive read. :robotsurprised:

    Oh and as for fading one of the pickups out while out of phase reducing the effect. . . it does. I had an Epi SG that had a phase switch installed and I found that the volumes of each pickup had to be at the same level to even hear it at all. If I lowered the volume of one of the pickups by even a little bit, it completely removed the out of phase sound. :robotlol: It might work differently with a blender pot tho. :robotindifferent: