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Pickup recommendations for a tricky Fender (24") applicatio? Opinions needed.


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  • Pickup recommendations for a tricky Fender (24") applicatio? Opinions needed.

    I have a MINT '11 Fender Pawn Shop Special Mustang, MIJ/Candy Apple Red, super light, comfortable, and with the individual coil splits (3-way sliders, 1 each pickup: inner coi/full HB/outer coil) and Gibson style 3-way toggle, it's mega versatile.


    The downside:

    With the smaller body (even compared to a standard Mustang), sustain and low end punch aren't huge.  No big deal.  With the shorter scale, the top end 'snap' is lessened/muted.  I want bright, clear pickups to 'fix' this.


    I'm thinking with the switching possibilities and the difference between coils being MUCH more pronounced on the bridge position than neck, as well as the brightness/top end clarity issue, that a layout siilar to the following would be sweet:

    NECK: Bright, asymmetrical (mismatched, or 'Dual Resonance' - maybe even P-Rails) humbucker, medium output - enough to avoid anorexic split/parallel sounds.

    BRIDGE: CLEAR, bright, thick - suited for all levels of gain, magnet type unimportant.  Must be hot enough to sound strong split and/or parallel.  Can have matched coils, since the difference between each coil is more pronounced.


    Any recommendations?  So far, Duncan Jazz/Distortion has been recommended.  I love DiMarizios too...

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    DiMarzio D-Activators. Bright, clear neck and fat but bright bridge. I haven't split my set, yet, but they sound great with normal wiring.
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      What were those pickups that Django was always going on about?

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    I only play 24" short scale. This is what I found.. Custom 5, Distortion, Jazz ar fantastic for what you are looking for. A lot of people don't like the custom 5,, I didn't a long time ago when I played a 25.5 scale guitar.. Different animal in a Short Scale. A Gibson 498t is another great choice with a 57 in the neck.. The custom custom was just to spongy with the short scale but a 59b is better option.. just something to think about..

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