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Chinese Democracy - 3 word reviews.

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  • Chinese Democracy - 3 word reviews.



    Here you go.


    Reviews to be no more then 3 words, unless they are logograms, in which case you have free reign.





    my review;


    Low hanging fruit.







    Besides being a guitar player,
    I'm a big fan of the guitar.
    I love that damn instrument.
    -Steve Vai

  • #2

    Ow, my ears.


    (I like buckethead too, assuming my memory serves me right and he's on this album)

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    <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>csm</strong>
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    <div class="message">You get a limited-edition self-relic'ing guitar at no extra cost and you're COMPLAINING?</div>

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    • #3

      Well, it exists.

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      <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>csm</strong>
      <a href="showthread.php?p=30292822#post30292822" rel="nofollow"><img class="inlineimg" src="images/buttons/viewpost-right.png" alt="View Post" /></a>
      <div class="message">The first, and most frequently violated rule of punk is: THERE ARE NO RULES.</div>

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      • bjcarl
        bjcarl commented
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        Axl ruins bands.

    • #4

      little too late


      • #5

        two words. **************** sandwich

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        • billybilly
          billybilly commented
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          They need Slash.

      • #6

        Axel Sucks Balls

        No Slash Ouch

        Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato


        • ermghoti II
          ermghoti II commented
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          Clearly not G&R.

          What's this ****************?

          Nice effort, Axl.

          Hey, it's '95?


      • #7

        Absolute Friggin Crap!


        • #8

          Worth a listen.




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          • #9

            Need More Buckethead.


            • Mav64
              Mav64 commented
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              I like it!

          • #10

            No longer relevant


            • skibob
              skibob commented
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              hardtdc wrote:

              No longer relevant


              Probably would have been ok if it had been released 10 years before it was. But it all seemed pretty dated to me.

          • #11

            Seventeen years? Really?

            Too much layering.

            How many guitarists?

            Was that necessary?

            Stick to 4-track.

            Ugh, Axl chorus.

            Opus poorly executed.


            • shoeless
              shoeless commented
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              $0.99 clearance bin


              Seriously...I picked it up at Best Buy for $0.99 a while back.  I guess it's worth that.

          • #12

            not gonna listen


            • Grantus
              Grantus commented
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              Was this necessary?

          • #13

            LIthium's musical equivalent.

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            • #14
              Stop counterfeiting
              ************************************************** ******************************* **** Fender Stratopartscaster, Agile AD2300 with GFS Retrotron NY II pickups, Fender MIM Duo-Sonic.


              • #15

                Needs more Prozac

                Slash was GnR

                Hall of Shame

                Goodbye Record Contract

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