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Hot or Not? February 12th


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  • Hot or Not? February 12th

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    Douglas Zeke HC

    Check Out These Great Featues!

    • Contoured, dual cutaway Solid 3 piece alder body!
    • Maple bolt on neck with an adjustable truss rod!
    • Rosewood fret-board with 22 jumbo frets and a 13.7" radius neck for fast play!
    • The headstock and fret-board are fully bound!
    • The fretboard features trapezoidal pearloid inlays!
    • Die-cast tuners with 12-1 ratio for fine tuning!
    • Two ceramic hum-bucker pickups, two volumes, two tone controls, plus a three way pickup selector switch to help you get the sound that you desire!
    • Stop bar tailpiece and a four ply pickuguard (Black/White/Black/White), complete the look!
    • Length: 40" including the strap button
    • Width of Neck at the Nut: 1 5/8", at the 22nd Fret: 2 3/16"
    • Neck Taper: 21.5 mm at the 1st fret, at the 12th Fret 23.5mm
    • Scale Length: 24.7"
    • Width at Widest Point: 13"
    • Body Thickness at Edge: 1 1/2"
    • Weight: 6.5 lbs



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    Probably a decent enough 1st guitar, but no thanks. I have no need for it. Not hot enough.


    • gardo
      gardo commented
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      Not bad ,but it looks like a deformed SG.

      I'd go for an Epi SG 

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    Considering that I don't even like to play legit SGs, not.


    • bjcarl
      bjcarl commented
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      nope. not even at that price.

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    funny how the rounded horn makes it look wrong for me. Otherwise, I like it.
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    • Danhedonia
      Danhedonia commented
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      Yr such a troll lately ... c'mon.  It's hot.

      It also looks entirely like the former Agile Valkyrie; I own one, it's def. nicer than entry-level SGs, even with it's odd pickups (strangely vintagey quiet, though articulate esp. for cheap ceramics).  I got a crap one from Kurt, sent it back, got a great guitar the 2nd time around.  Really a nice axe.