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X2N in a bright guitar?

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  • X2N in a bright guitar?

    I've been trying to decide which guitfiddle to put my old X2N in for ages. I have a  cheap-but-nice Yamaha superstrat that's just begging to be turned into a single-pickup shredder sio I'm thinking that. But it has massive high end since I put nice steel saddles on the bridge (plenty bass and mids too). I like plenty of treble but not if it's going to sound harsh.

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    X2N has less highs than most pickups in a high gain amp but when played clean it sounds like a firebird Mini Humbucker.


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      Not so concerned about the clean sound (why would anyone buy an X2N for the clean sound?) but that sounds quite promising

      I had one in a dull-sounding Kramer Baretta many years ago and I just cannot remember what it sounds like. Apart from being very hot

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    It's funny how when people describe a pickup descriptions vary so much. My take on X2N Tone Zone JB


    X2N - Varies a lot with pickup height. Up high it's unusable due to woofing bass. Low it's bright and modern Sounding, can be used for many things, I keep it really low and it's my 2nd favorite pickup.


    Tone Zone - To me this pickup sounds like thrash or progressive shred and never anything else due to the way the bass is voiced. It's nice but not totally versatile.


    To answer the question about X2N in a bright guitar, I really would not worry about any problems.

    JB - the bass is more balanced but it can feel a little lo-fi.