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Ibanez string height question


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  • Ibanez string height question

    I just traded for an Ibanez RG2EX2, and the action seems to be a bit high, and I can't seem to get it much lower without getting more buzz than a stoner at a Ted Nugent concert. The truss rod is adjusted properly, as the neck seems to have about the right amount of relief. I am thinking that maybe it is just me, and the action is normal. This is my first Ibanez, and it has a flatter fretboard than any other guitars I have had, and seems the action should/could go lower that I have it now, but maybe that is normal, and I need to get used to it, trade or sell it and get something I like better..Any comments or suggestions?

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    Sounds like the nut is too tall.


    What one can do is pop the nut out, run it over some sandpaper to thin it down, and then set it back in with a couple of drops of super glue.


    There is a little bit more to the process, like testing the height as you go along.  That means placing the nut in there without glue and restringing it see how it feels.  You don't want to take it too low.  You might have a couple rounds of this before you actually want to glue it in.


    Also, you want to be very careful you do not damage the neck when you are popping the nut out.  There are a few ways to go about doing this, so I'll let you research that, or perhaps others will comment below.

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