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Is this doable? Tone knob mod.

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  • Is this doable? Tone knob mod.

    I have a few guitars I would love to do this mod to.  I love guitars like Les Pauls that have 2 vol, 2 tone.  I love the sound of a neck pickup with the tone all the way down, but I always have the tone all the way up on the brdge for my leads.  Let's say I have a guitar with 2 pickups. 1 vol, 3 way switch, 1 tone.  Is there any way to make the tone control only affect the neck pickup?

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    I have heard it is doable, but I don't know enough about electonics to know how to do it, maybe someone else can explain further.


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      Just don


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        As it is right now, with a master volume and master tone, the pickups should be going into the switch first, then into the volume and tone controls and then to the output.


        If you just want the neck pickup to be affected, move the tone control to be between the neck pickup and the switch.


        Neck Pickup --- Tone --- Switch --- Volume --- Output Jack


        The bridge will still go direct into the switch.


        You can go here

        and specify what you're looking for, and, for free, they'll draw you up a schematic and send you a jpeg of it. Or for $1.50,  they'll also do up a high-rez PDF file (better suited for printing).

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          Thanks.  Much appreciated, you guys!

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        The bridge pickup will sound slightly different with no tone pot in the circuit. You could get a concentric tone pot to be used on both pickups.
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