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How much clean headroom on a Tiny Terror?


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  • How much clean headroom on a Tiny Terror?

    Like how they seem to sound a little meatier than a Vox, yet still have a nice chime.

    I like the simplicity. For the last 10-15 yrs I've mostly played a little 20w USA Vintage Club, which works for me, but it really needs a bigger cab. Right now it needs tubes and prob caps, its not sounding its best.

    But I've never had the oportunity to play a TT other than just a bit at GC, not an ideal situation.

    I play very little hard rock. Most of my stuff is clean or just a bit of dirt.

    How loud can you get before the amp really starts to distort heavily?

    I dont  play in a super loud band, but I need enough cleans to hang with a drummer(not a basher).

    If it matters, I generally play a Tele, or some kind of med to low output humbucker equiped Epi.

    Maybe I should get a Micro Terror first to decide if a TT or OH15 is for me?


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    I have no direct experience but I've heard they don't have a lot of headroom.
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    • Frets99
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      WIth the gain at 3/4 depending on the pickups and volume up, the clean can be beautifully chimey with a nice edge, but as soon as the gain starts heading to halfway, you are into overdrive territory, which while sweet is not clean.

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    I'd ditto what Frets99 said in that much past 4 will definitely OD, but it is a loud amp to begin with.  Contrary to public opinion, the clean side of the TT 12 combo is really wonderful.  No effects loop, but takes pedals really well too.  Edit: I was going to suggest a test drive, but read your original post again and see that you did try one out.


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      I use quite a bit of effects, and I usually play clean, or with fuzz. I'm down for some nice amp OD though, and I honestly don't think it'd be that hard to adjust stage volume and gain in between songs that need it.

      I recorded my album with a Dr. Z KT-45, which was overkill. No master volume either. The music I play is in my sig, think it's a good match?