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Is there any guitar you would say is more comfortable than a strat ??

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  • Is there any guitar you would say is more comfortable than a strat ??

    Is there any guitar you would say is more comfortable than a strat ??

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    Always prefered semi/hollow bodies for comfort.

    Something about the larger bodies, and light weight.

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      Dr. Scottie C wrote:

      Is there any guitar you would say is more comfortable than a strat ??

      "strat" meaning Fender Stratocaster specifically, or stratocaster-style?

      i personally think the following are more comfortable to me than a Fender stratocaster:

      Tyler Studio Elite (the neck on that thing is pure heaven with the rolled edges and chunky profile, and the unfinished area where the picking forearm goes is sensual)

      PRS - McCarty, DGT, Modern Eagle, Hollowbody

      Malinoski Rodeo

      Ibanez Saber or Radius or JS1000

      McInturff Taurus

      Gibson Les Paul or SG (I'm adding this because I enjoy the 24.75" scale better than the fender scale).

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      • soundcreation
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        I'd agree that strat style are probably the most comfortable.   There are variations on the fender strat that are more ergronomic.  Better neck heel joints and contours etc. 

        But I also think the differences are a bit over rated between most of the "big" guitars.   I don't find LP's or Teles THAT much more uncomfortable.  and SG's are almost as good as strat style. 

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      Perfect balance, great for sitting down, not too heavy if standing, can't really think of a contender.  But hey, that's the beauty of a strat.  Those contours too, yum.

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        Y'all need more offset... Jazz master is the perfect fit for my fat ass.
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        • Pine Apple Slim
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          Agree Strat is most ergonomic, but Ive never owned an offset. Some say they are.
          But really how uncomfortable is any guitar? I've wrapped myself around a big ol dreadnaught more than any other.

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        Dr. Scottie C wrote:

        Is there any guitar you would say is more comfortable than a strat ??


        A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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        Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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        • Strung_Out
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          Most comfortable guitars I've ever played are EB Steve Morse and Luke. I guess you could say they're strat shaped, but they take it to a whole other level of comfort.

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        The Jazzmaster is better to me, bith sitting and standing.
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        • xStonr
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          The Strat body style with it's contours is a very comfortable guitar. Lately though, II have been enjoying the Gibson 243/4 scale better.

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        Yup, my vox virage.


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          Fender Mustang with contoured body.  A la '69RI, Kurt Cobain, or the smaller Pawn Shop Special body.  All those curves with a shorter scale and LIGHT weight?  Most comfort imaginable.

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          • Valtyr
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            Parker Fly

            However, this is only more comfortable if you don't slouch when you play. If you do, the upper horn on older Parkers might be bothersome. Newer Parkser have a different upper horn but I haven't had a chance to try one.


            I think the strat is an excellent design and very hard to beat.

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          • xrleroyx
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            Another vote for the JM

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          I've always found offsets pretty comfy, and lately I've been really loving my Gretsch Tennessee Rose for cuddling. Nice and light, and a little smaller than most hollowbodies. Perfect for me. 

          They aren't known for it, but Gibby Explorers and BC Rich Mockingbirds are super comfy to play sitting down. At least for me anyways. 

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          • Flatspotter
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            My Strats are by far my most comfortable guitars.