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I Managed to Record Another Song


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  • I Managed to Record Another Song

    It seems like everytime I pick up my acoustic, something like this materializes and I feel compelled to record it. Honestly, I wish I could write and record Deftones-style rock, but for some reason, I'm stuck in this particular genre at the moment. I need to quit listening to Mark Knopfler for awhile. This really isn't as Knopflerish as some of the ideas that I have on my iPad, and I know that this is the ELECTRIC forum, but I will share this with you folks along with the acoustic fans. Sorry if I'm violating forum rules here, but enjoy, or not...whatever. This is my Martin 00028 EC along with a Mellotron plugin.

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    Very nice music and video 


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      Very pretty piece of music there Doc. Of course the guitar sounds great, but tell us more about the mellotron plugin... very nice accompaniment.