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Replacing guitar electronics

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  • Replacing guitar electronics

    I've replaced the pickups on numerous guitars before, but I'd like to try replacing all of the electronic components.  Seems kind of intimidating, do I need any other tools besides the soldering iron? I'll end up getting the stewmac electronics kit to start.  Any ideas of how to approach it? Any experiences with replacing the electronics? I guess another question to ask would be if it makes enough of a difference to go through the trouble?

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    If you have replaced pickups, it's no more complicated than that.  Any basic tool kit will cover it.  There are heaps of resourses and diagrams on the net too.  Go for it, no sense paying someone to do it. 

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      It's very easy unless you have a guitar with complicated non-standard switching or active electronics. - The Blog of the Ancient Mariner My photography blog

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