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Custom EMG 81 85 wiring info needed.


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  • Custom EMG 81 85 wiring info needed.

    Hey all. My pickup situation is an EMG 81 in the bridge postion, and an 85 in the neck. There is a 3 way toggle switch, and 1 volume and 1 tone knob shared between them. What I want to do is disable the tone control and eliminate the selector switch. Replace all that with one single push pull knob that controls just volume, and selects between only bridge and neck pickup. Having the option of both pickups engaged is not of interest to me. Just one push pull knob that controls only volume, and two pickup options. I never use the tone controls, and I never use the two pickups at once selection. So dont ask me why I want to do this.

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    Check number 12 in this list of EMG wiring diagrams


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      Ok. So I am looking at solderless kits from EMG. It seems that the pots in these kits are made for coil tapping. How would you take this kit: http://www.emgpickups.com/products/index/266/290/4 and make it to select between pickups? Could this be done?