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  • Hotcake: Order'd

    This is supposed to be my last distortion pedal for a looooong time. One of the few time I ever ordered a brand new pedal too. Weird that they're not rare, and they're fairly easily available, but still people seem to be able to flip their hotcakes for just $25 or so less than the $152 I'm gonna pay for a brand new one.

    I've been looking all over for one for the last year or so, and everytime I spot a hotcake -usually on tgp- someone else snags it for something like $130:s

    Anyway, it's more like a pre-order thing, cause it'll be back in stock in two weeks. Stoked!



    CSB! Sorry for interfering with a silly guitar pedal thread btw

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    It's a fantastic pedal. Don't listen to what people say about the pedal only being useful with the gain set below half, that's not true. The character does change with the gain abovle halfway, but it's supposed to and it sounds f'in great.