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Guitar decisions - 1xTele+1xMustang


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  • Guitar decisions - 1xTele+1xMustang

    Guitars will stay largely the same, in that I will retain one Telecaster and one Mustang, adding an eventual yet to be determind 'wild card' different from the first two.  All will be either MIA or Fender Japan.


    There's two Telecasters between which I am trying to decided, and they are both very different from one another.

    - G.E. Smith Signature: MIA, ash body in black nitro, FAT 1pc. maple 'U' neck, 7.25" radius/black banjo inlays.  Body mounted pickups, half bridge, black pickguard.  Joe Barden (n)/Dimarzio Area T 615 (b) pickups.  Pricier, but rare.  Has what I want in that it has a FAT vintage radius maple neck, body mounted pickups, and that half bridge.


    - 90's CIJ '62RI Telecaster Custom: CIJ, alder body in red poly, slim maple/rosewood 'C' neck, 7.25" radius.  Double bound body, steel saddled bridge.  Perfectly broken in, lightweight, and resonant.  Always LOVED double bound Teles, as well as rosewood

    a/c- EBMM Albert Lee SSS - Sky Blue- Kramer 'Wedge' aluminum neck - Red- Two-Rock Exo15 - Black/grey- Suhr Riot- Emperor 2x12/1x15 cabinet - Walnut/silver grille

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    I normally don't like sunbursts on mustangs but that guitar looks awesome. I don't think you can go wrong with any combo of those guitars but I think I'd go with the GE and the '78.
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      That is exactly what I was thinking - G.E. and '78.

      I look at it this way:

      G.E. Smith Telecaster = ash body, FAT maple 'U' neck/7.25" radius (my favorite), body mounted pickups, and half bridge.  Unique banjo inlays, already has a Barden/Dimarzio Area T 615 combo (n/b), and looks badass in black.  The ultimate Tele in my opinion, as those little touches are all things I love.

      '78 Mustang = ash body/rosewood board, oval/'C' neck/7.25" radius, pickups easily swapped for rails, original bridge/Dynamic trem.  I love the sunburst, and the wear amazes me and only makes it better.  For the price of most CIJ/MIJ reissues, I can get the real thing.  It'd be the perfect short scale renaissance guitar.