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Need help finding the best guitar for me

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  • Need help finding the best guitar for me

    So i've been playing on the same B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze for about five years now. One stock humbucker, bolt on neck, nothing special. I love that guitar... it suits the type of music I play. I like melodic death metal, blackened metal, djent, and otherwise sexy riffage. Anyways, I need to upgrade. I want to move to a 7 string but need something thats comfortable to me and can manage all the tones that i want in my music without compromise in a mix. What would be a good first 7 string coming from a B.C. Rich Warlock, that can hold its own on stage or in a jam session?

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    You might take a look at Rondo Music.  I bought a Douglas 6 string from them a while back and I think it's a pretty decent guitar for the price.  It was not perfect when I got it, and I spent quite a bit of effort on it, but for $200 and some elbow grease it turned out to be quite a keeper.  If it got stolen I would buy another because it fits the roll I wanted perfectly (cheap, knock-around, punk/metal, good sounding, slightly obnoxious looking, play the daylights out of it, guitar). I have not tried the Agiles, but there are lots of folks around here that like them.  Only problem w/ mail order, and especially from Rondo (because you wont find these guitars in any local stores), is you just don't know what you'll get until you get it. 

    Also, if you get on their mailing list, they send out fliers several times each month with all the new guitars they get in, and I'm frequently tempted by all the 7 strings that they keep sending me info on. Here's what I got.


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      Oh, and if you like the Warlock shape, why not look into the Warlock 7 strings?

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    When you say "melodic death metal," I think Opeth. They play PRS, and there is a PRS SE Custom 24 7-string. There you have it.
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