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OMG - this kid is just fantastic

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  • OMG - this kid is just fantastic

    In the local mom and pop today, picking up an SG and went to plug in a few guitars in the amp room.  There's this shy looking kid plugging in next to me, and he turns up a bit.  I'm fearing another run through Crazy Train or Smoke On The Water, but he's got a Strat plugged into a DRRI and ...

    ... well, I can't hear myself over ...

    ... well ...



    Holy ****************, can he play.  I mean PLAY.  20 years ago I was privileged to hang around some bigtime axe players and I'm not an easy lay - he can flat out play.  Not simply good technique, but expressive as hell and tasteful.

    Quick conversation reveals that he's out on the Navajo Reservation, does a sort of non-major-city Western circuit, playing theaters and casinos, making a good living with his power trio; name is Levi Platero.  Humble and sweet as pie, just a super nice kid.  After chatting him up for a few, I said "I don't want to talk.  I just want to hear you play."  I haven't felt that way in 20 years.

    Here's a poorly recorded clip ... I'm frustrated because all of the performance clips are about songs, not his playing, and let me tell you, when he just LET GO in that room, it was ****************ing magic. 


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    And then there's ... most of the last 15 minutes of this.  Insane playing.


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      Danhedonia wrote:




      the kid on drums has his hat on backwards.